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Cozy London Pub Weddings & Cake Ideas

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

If you're looking for a laidback and relaxed wedding venue, a London pub wedding might just be the perfect choice. I know what you are thinking. A pub wedding? It couldn’t been more far away from the beautiful and romantic settings of what a ‘wedding’ would look like.

Don’t be rushed to make your mind yet, now hear me out, why having your wedding at a pub could be an unforgettable experience? And I also have some great ideas to help you choose your perfect pub wedding cakes.

Cozy atmosphere for relaxed and laidback couples

Pubs have been an integral part of British culture, serving as a place for people to socialise, relax, and enjoy a pint or two with friends. And they are known for warm and inviting atmosphere, with rich history, old wooden floors, exposed brick walls, and comfortable seatings. This creates the perfect setting for a small and intimate wedding celebration that will leave you and your guests feeling right at home.

Varieties of decors and styles to suit your tastes - both traditional & modern

One of the steortypes that people associate with pubs is the ‘old and small’ settings, however nowadays there are so many more modern and beautiful pubs dotted across London.

Beer garden wedding
The Prince, Earl's Court

Some of them even offer large beer garden, perfect for outdoor dining and ceremonies during beautiful English summer days.

Whether you're looking for a traditional pub with a rustic feel or a modern pub with a sleek and stylish vibe, there's sure to be a London pub that suits your taste and style.

Gastronomy & delicious hearty food

Yes we know traditional pub food very well, a generous portion of fish and chips is surely to please everyone and provide plenty of energy for dancing the night away.

But it doesn’t stop there, many pubs are known for their gastronomy and their chefs are full of innovative and new ideas. How does Sea Bass & Kelp with Katsu dressing sound to you?

So, how could I choose the right wedding cake for my pub wedding?

As always, I encourage my couples to think from within - What makes you feel happy? What would you envisage your day to be like? When it comes to cakes, there is no right or wrong ones, as long as it’s something you like and fits with your taste.

Who says we can’t have a modern clean designs in a rustic setting. Here are some ideas of wedding cakes for your 2023 and 2024 weddings.

Full blooms with floral installations

I love matching the cake with the floral designs, and often it's a great experience to work with your florist and stylist. The cake would be an integral part of the settings, rather than being left over at the corner. Plus point - if you don't want to put too much decoration around venue, having your cake to be part of the decor would be a great idea!

Rustic & Semi naked Cake

Rustic and semi-naked cakes probably are one of the most popular pub wedding cake choices. But minimalist in design doesn't mean it can't be a show stopper. Again, I'd encourage my couples to think about the overall style they'd like, and we could also be creative with styling and decorations.

pressed flower wedding cake
Pressed Flower wedding cake

Colourful Edible Pressed Flower Cake

It is one of my favourite summer wedding cake designs. It's colourful, vibrant and full of good vibes! And the good news is all decoration elements are edible, including rosemary, viola, edible roses and ferms etc.

Join me at London Pub Wedding Fair

Tomorrow June 11th 2023, I'm partnering up with London Pub Wedding Fair to showcase some of my newest designs and of course bringing over delicious cake samples for tasting.

Come to say hi with some delicious cakes and a pint in the beer garden, it would be so great to see you there!

Sunday 11th June 2023

Time: 12:00-15:30


The Honor Oak, Forest Hill

1 St German’s road, Forest Hill LONDON SE23 1RH

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