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Tongue: meet fun...

Lil Moon Bakery is led by impactful flavours.

I aim to create edible art for your big day— as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I specialise in  combining the oriental baking techniques with my intricate designs, which results in fluffy and often less sweet cakes.

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Each cake is made fresh to order using only the best ingredients sourced from local suppliers where feasible. Main ingredients include:

  • Award winning free-range eggs from TheGoodEggFellas in Yorkshire

  • Organic milk delivered by Hampstead Premier Dairies, a much loved independent local milkman

  • High grade premium Japanese matcha powder from MarukuyuKoyamaen  

  • Organic British ShiptonMill flour

  • High quality cultured French butter 

  • Most fruit compote, caramels and pralines are handmade in-house

I recommend using butter based 'pound cake style' sponges for wedding cakes, which hold the structure well, are less temperature-sensitive yet fluffy and soft to eat. Delicate sponges will be paired with flavoured meringue based buttercream, giving the cake a silky and smooth taste and not overly sweet.  For fondant finish, we ice the cake with a thin layer of Belgian dark or white chocolate ganache before covering it with fondant in order for to achieve a sharp, clean edge.

Below are some popular cake flavours I offer, but do get in touch if you'd like something different 

Cake Menu

Vanilla & Strawberry 香草草莓

Classic vanilla bean sponge with strawberry conserve & vanilla buttercream

Lemon & Elderflower 柠檬接骨木花

Fresh lemon sponges soaked in lemon & elderflower syrup with lemon curd

Lemon & Blueberry 柠檬蓝莓

Soft blueberry ripple lemon sponges with lemon buttercream and lemon curd 

True Chocolate  双重巧克力

Chocolaholic's dream - deep chocolate sponges with chocolate buttercream and 54% dark chocolate ganache 

Chocolate & Raspberry 巧克力树莓

Light and moist chocolate sponges with tart raspberry compote and chocolate buttercream

Matcha & Yuzu 抹茶柚子

Premium Japanese matcha flavoured sponge with citrusy yuzu ganache buttercream

Matcha & White chocolate 抹茶白巧

High grade premium Japanese matcha sponges with white chocolate infused vanilla buttercream

Coconut & Pineapple 椰子凤梨

Pina Colada in cake form: soft coconut sponges with rum soaked roasted pineapple, coconut buttercream

Cookie & Cream 奥利奥咸奶油

Crushed Oreo biscuit folded into the vanilla sponges with salted Oreo buttercream - often kids’ favourite

Brown butter & salted caramel 海盐焦糖焦黄油

​Toasty and nutty flavoured brown butter sponges with roasted hazelnuts praline and salted caramel buttercream


Too many flavour choices? No problem. 

Beautiful wedding cake tasting boxes will help you choose your wedding cake flavours. 

Each postal box will contain 6 my signature flavours, from classic to something different.

If you are not getting married, just fancy some treats or give it to others as gifts, simply send me a message, and I'd be happy to let you know when my next postal date is.  

Tasting Box

"We were so happy to receive the beautifully presented tasting box and each flavour was unique and delicious! Coconut & pineapple was our fav."

D & D, Cliveden House 


Fresh cream cakes are commonly found in East Asia, using pillowy soft  chiffon cake sponge with fresh cream and fresh fruits. It is really light in texture and a delicious . For these types of cake, I often work with subtle Oriental flavours, such as

  • Olong tea & white peach

  • Rose & lychee

  • Vanilla & sweet taro

  • Milky earl grey 

  • Japanese strawberry short cake

  • Mango & cream cheese

During festive seasons, I also offer a limited ready-to-eat fresh cream cakes, which are perfect for your family gathering.  Pictures on the right were our previous Valentine's Day & Christmas collection. And they can be purchased from my online shop.  Subscribe below to receive the launch news! 

Due to stability and temperature control issue, fresh cream cakes are not suitable for wedding cake. However, they can be considered as kitchen cutting cakes. Please get in touch to discuss options.  


Valentine's Day

Fresh Cream Cake

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